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I hold sunlight

and swallow fireflies

colonel clusterfuck
11 December 1986
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My name is Aubrey. It's short for Aubrey, but you can call me Aubrey.
My mom had a uterus and i lived in it, then I was born in 200 log cabins.
I'm a female who is old enough to feel ways about stuff and I currently live in the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location, more specifically between Chun Li's enormous thighs.
I hold a black belt in gift wrapping and am a born mood-killer.
My 2 favorite things are commitment and changing myself. You will often find me yelling into my cats' fur with my shirt off, resting my boobs on things, doing barrel-rolls, posting cats on the internet or jerk-bending.
My hobbies include sitting at home with my ass up my ass, curling up into a ball and pretending i'm a hush puppy, racing my light cycle, knocking cats over, giving them noogies, using them as air guitars and making them manufacture plentiful purrs. I love to do the moonwalk on treadmills, ask obvious questions, crash childrens' parties, pop waterbeds and swim laps in the ocean.
My current occupations include professional snow leopard and ring-tailed lemur, marathon lounger, pirate, lion tamer, booger-blaster, dumpster jedi, zombie-hunter, postmortem caricature artist and coffin-stuffer.

http://www.facebook.com/IholdSunlight <--- This is my lolfacebook! Go stalk me there!
http://aubreyassfire.tumblr.com/ <-----My tumbles! ^_^

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